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CADEIRÃO ACABAMENTOS is a registered trademark created by Silvana Curado and Sérgio Cabreira, in 2009, in Porto, whose objective is to offer a wide range of quality furniture finishes to the Home sector.

Silvana Curado brought to the project her experience as a Brand Manager, acquired through her academic training and during the 5 years she managed several Port Wine brands in export markets.

Sérgio Cabreira brought the know-how of his, at the time, 8 years of experience as a furniture finisher.

Since then, CADEIRÃO ACABAMENTOS has been growing and it is currently installed in a factory with approximately 800 m2, in Rebordosa, municipality of Paredes, district of Porto, in the heart of the "Route of Furniture".

The daily routine of CADEIRÃO ACABAMENTOS continues to involve the most exquisite furniture finishes such as gold, silver and copper leaf and the high gloss varnishing of noble woods, but also the most current lacquers and varnishes, matt and high gloss, among others.

Some of the most recognized Portuguese furniture brands in Portugal and beyond, rely on the dedicated services of CADEIRÃO ACABAMENTOS.


Since 2012, following contacts from two London Interior Design offices, interested in their furniture finishing services, CADEIRÃO ACABAMENTOS, resorting to local partnerships with carvers, woodworkers, glaziers and blacksmiths, among others, has also started producing furniture by design, as an integrated service:


The client sends in the technical drawings and CADEIRÃO ACABAMENTOS produces the pieces, proceeds to quality control and packaging of the items and sends them to its customers or directly to the final customer.


It is common to find Silvana and Sérgio in the factory, at the weekends, testing new finishes on new materials. They are convinced that they will always find new solutions and they believe that their contribution, especially in terms of finishings, may help the Portuguese furniture sector to be increasingly recognized worldwide for its quality and innovation.




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